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Western Vascular Society Membership

May 20, 2016


  1. Members shall be drawn from the Western states, provinces and the Pacific Rim. This will be defined as follows: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Alberta, British Columbia and the Pacific Rim.
  2. A candidate should have completed a minimum of two (2) years of practice after vascular surgery training before applying for membership.
  3. One or more of the following three (3) general criteria should be met by the candidate in order to be considered for membership:
    • Excellence in Clinical Care - this can be reflected by letters from colleagues and collaborators, regional reputation, years in practice, peer-recognition awards (Chief of Staff, senior surgeon in group, HMO recognition award), service on peer-review organizations, case-lists and outcomes, community involvement or participation in clinical trials.
    • Contribution to Vascular Science - this can be reflected by peer-review publication, non-profit or federal grant support, invited lectures, professorships, faculty appointments, invited publications, participation in clinical trials, device development, active participation in local/regional vascular societies, or serving on hospital committees.
    • Contributions to Vascular Education - this can be reflected by teaching responsibilities at a vascular or general surgery training program, teaching responsibilities, hospital grand rounds, seminars, proctorship of new vascular procedures or other lectureships.

      Adopted 9/20/03 (Amended 9/2013)

Membership Application Form

WVS MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION - The Society's Administrative Offices will change on January 1, 2016.  The Membership Application will be available after this change takes effect and in January 2016.

Please Note: 

This Membership Application is in an Adobe Acrobat PDF Format enabling the applicant to enter information on the form. Forms may be printed and/or saved pending the type of Adobe software available to you. Applications must be supported by a letter from the Member sponsor (WVS Member in Good Standing). Two additional letters of recommendation from other members are required.

Please send Application, Curriculum Vitae and all letters of support to the Society's Administrative Offices.

Prospective members are required to attend an Annual Meeting of the Western Vascular Society prior to submitting application for membership.

Applications must be received at the WVS Administrative Offices no later than May 20, 2016.