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Larry W.
Kraiss, MD

President, Western Vascular Society


Dear Members and Colleagues,

I deeply appreciate the honor you have bestowed on me by asking me to serve as your President this year.
As I reflected on my experience with the Society over the course of my career, it occurred to me that we are well into our second generation of leaders and the third generation of members.  This is an indicator of the Society’s strength and success as a forum for high quality vascular surgical research and innovation.  We have benefited from the hard work of many visionary vascular surgeons in the western US who recognized the need for a Regional Society that served our unique interests and needs.   I urge you to continue this tradition by participating in our next meeting, the 30th Annual Meeting of the Western Vascular Society, which will be held at the Grand Wailea on Wailea, Maui, Hawaii on September 19-22, 2015.

We will take advantage of the Hawaiian venue by associating our meeting with the Annual Meeting of the Australia-New Zealand Society for Vascular Surgery.   The Western Vascular Society has always emphasized its relationships with our colleagues along the Pacific Rim so this is a natural progression.  We are planning two joint sessions of the Societies along with combined activities for our trainees.  Social events are also being coordinated.  This year’s meeting will be an unusual opportunity for our trainees to meet their international peers and I urge you to make a special effort to help them attend.  The Western Vascular Society will continue to offer travel support for trainees as has been our custom.
I look forward to seeing you in Maui! 

Best wishes,
Larry W. Kraiss MD