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In 1986, an "Organizing Committee" arranged the first meeting of the Society at Dana Point. Dr. Wesley Moore had recognized that there were other regional vascular organizations from which excellent papers were being published in the major surgical literature. He believed that within the geographic area of the western states there was a group of highly productive vascular surgeons who would benefit from such a society, a society through which their vascular contributions could be channeled for publication. The Society has fulfilled Dr. Moore's expectations, with roughly 65% of its presentation going on to publication in the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

The Society meets annually (in September).  Criteria for election include a history or a promise of academic productivity and certification by the American Board of Surgery or one of the national Colleges. The Annual Meeting now offers interesting symposia of special interest.  A prize is awarded for the "Best Trainee" paper presented at the meeting. Invited guests usually contribute one or two "professorial" lectures. In 1990, Ronald Stoney, then President, presented to the Society its official gavel, named in honor of the late E. J. "Jack" Wylie, an important pioneer in the surge of modern vascular Surgery and mentor of many of the members.

The Society's meetings consist of three half-day sessions at which roughly 20-40 papers are presented with abundant time for discussion. Its relatively small size allows for the free discussion so difficult in the immense meetings that have become the hallmark of the national vascular societies. One evening is usually devoted to a "theme" party, the other to the President's Formal Dinner. A limited number of commercial representatives are invited to the meeting and provide generous support through exhibits and educational grants.

Previous Annual Meetings




Invited Guest Speaker

1986 Dana Point, CA  Organizing Committee  D. Emerick Szilagyi
1987 Tucson, AZ  W. Sterling Edwards  None
1988 Monterrey, CA  Robert B. Rutherford  James Stanley
1989 Kauai, HI  D. Eugene Strandness, Jr.  Brian Thiele
1990 Coronado, CA  Ronald J. Stoney  Frank Veith
1991 Rancho Mirage, CA  Victor M. Bernhard  Allan Callow
1992 Maui, HI  Wesley S. Moore  Malcolm Perry
1993 Sonoma, CA  John M. Porter  Norman Hertzer
1994 Santa Barbara, CA  Eugene F. Bernstein  Norman Browse
1995 Phoenix, AZ  Robert L. Kistner  Calvin Ernst
1996 Dana Point, CA  Jerry Goldstone  Anthony Whittemore
1997 Lana'i, HI  Richard L. Treiman  None
1998 Whistler, BC  Kaj H. Johansen  None
1999 Lake Tahoe, CA  Ralph B. Dilley  Jonathan Towne
2000 Coeur d'Alene, ID  Peter F. Lawrence  R. Thomas Grayston
2001 Santa Fe, NM  William C. Krupski  William Hiatt
2002 Newport Beach, CA  Cornelius Olcott, IV  Thomas Russell
2003 Kona, HI  Lloyd M. Taylor  None
2004 Victoria, BC, Canada  J. Dennis Baker  None
2005 Park City, UT  Gregory L. Moneta  Kevin G. Burnand
2006 La Jolla, CA  George Andros  Jean Pierre Becquemin
2007 Kona, HI  Jeffrey L. Ballard  None
2008 Napa, CA  Alexander W. Clowes  John H. N. Wolfe


Tucson, AZ 

Fred A. Weaver 

Jack L. Cronenwett

2010​ ​Sunriver, OR ​Linda M. Reilly ​None
​2011 ​Kauai, HI ​Ronald L. Dalman ​Germano Melissano
2012​ ​Park City, UT William J. Quinones-Baldrich​ ​Roy K. Greenberg and
Hazim J. Safi
2013​ Jasper, AB, Canada​ Joseph L. Mills, Sr.​ Spence M. Taylor​
2014​ ​Coronado, CA ​Peter A. Schneider ​Alan Lumsden
​2015 ​Wailea, Maui, HI ​Larry W. Kraiss ​Peter Gloviczki