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 Videos for Medical Professionals and Referring Physicians

Vascular surgeons are featured on the following videos on topics of interest to medical professionals and referring physicians. 

  • What is Vascular Surgery? - George H. Meier, MD
  • Who Should be Referred to a Vascular Surgeon? - Spence M. Taylor, MD
  • Your Complete Vascular Surgeon - Bruce A. Perler, MD
  • How Does Vascular Surgery Differ from other Interventional Specialists? - Enrico Ascher, MD
  • Referring Patients for Carotid Surgery - Thomas S. Riles, MD
  • Carotid Endarterectomy - Thomas S. Riles, MD
  • Options for Management of Carotid Restenosis - Gregory J. Pearl, MD
  • The Vascular Surgeon -- The Complete Vascular Specialist - R. Clement Darling, MD
  • The History of Women in Vascular Surgery - Lois Killiwich, MD
  • Non-invasive Testing for Referring Patients - Walter McCarthy, MD
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) - Jim McKinsey, MD
  • Studies Prior to Patient Referral - Bob Rutherford, MD
  • Contraindications for CAS - John F. Eidt, MD
  • Fenestrated and Branched Endografts - Timothy A. M. Chuter, MD
  • Penetrating Ulcers of the Aorta - W. Anthony Lee, MD
  • Endovascular Techniques for Ruptured Aneurysms - R. Clement Darling, MD
  • How to Work with Referring Physicians - Sean Roddy, MD
  • Benefits of Membership in SVS - Bruce A. Perler, MD
  • The Continued Need for Open Surgery in Vascular Disease - Philip S. K. Paty, MD
  • Why I'm a Member of The Society for Vascular Surgery - Leila Murebee, MD
  • Radiation Exposure: Limiting the Risks - Evan Lipsitz, MD
  • RPVI and Vascular Surgery - Steven A. Leers, MD
  • VESAP - Kim J. Hodgson, MD
  • SVS vascular health videos were made possible with an educational grant from Cook Medical. SVS vascular health videos also
    are available on the SVS YouTube Channel.

    Posted November 2010

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