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 2013 Program

Texas Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Established 1984



MARVIN D. ATKINS, JR., M.D                                                                                                                     MARK G. DAVIES, MD

President/Webmaster                                                                                                                                 Vice-President


ZACHARY M. ARTHURS, M.D.                                                                                                                    BOULOS TOURSARKISSIAN, M.D.

Secretary                                                                                                                                                      Treasurer





Fall Meeting

November 1, 2013

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa



0700-0800             Registration


                                 Continental Breakfast Available 7:00-10:30 AM          



0750                        Welcome and Announcements  


                                 Marvin D. Atkins, Jr., MD - President



Session I:  Moderator --   William Bohannon, MD



         0800-0820    J. Leigh Eidson, MD

                                 “Complications associated with IVC Filters – Not so infrequent as we think”


         0820-0840    Shirling Tsai,MD

                                 Revascularization of the external carotid artery and hemodynamic stroke – a case report and literature review.”


         0840-0900    Lori Pounds, MD

                                 “Chronic Venous Hypertension associated with the use of a Penile Prosthesis Pump”


         0900-0920    Marvin Atkins, MD

                                 "Management of the Short Proximal Aortic Neck - Is Endovascular Stapling the Answer?"        


0930-1000             Break and Visit with Exhibitors                                 



Session II:  Moderator – Marvin Atkins, MD



         1000–1020   Robert W. Feldtman, MD

                                 “SVC Reconstruction for SVC Occlusion/SVD Syndrome in Dialysis Patients”


         1020–1040   Michael Peck, MD

                                 "Hand Ischemia in an Overhead Athlete"


          1040 –1100    Zachary Arthurs, MD

                                 Outcomes of Physician Modified Grafts in a Highly Selected Population"


         1100-1200    Invited Speaker:

                                 Christopher Kwolek, MD

                                  "Management of Thrombosed Inferior Vena Cavas and Complex Retrieval of IVC Filters"        


1200-1300             Lunch and Visit with Vendors


1200-1300             Business Lunch – “Members Only



Session III:   Moderator – Zachary Arthurs, MD



         1300-1320    Christopher Busken, MD

                                 "Iliac Artery Stenosis Complicating Iliac Vein Stenting : Case Report and Literature Review"

         1320–1340   Clifford Buckley, MD

                                 “Controversies in the Management of Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis”


          1340-1400   Marvin Atkins, MD

                                 “Novel uses of the Gore Hybrid Endovascular Stent Graft”


          1400-1420    W. Todd Bohannon, MD

                                 "Imaging strategies for Aortic Endograft procedures in patients with Renal Insufficiency" 


          1420-1500             Break and Visit with Vendors



Session IV:   Moderator – Lori Pounds, MD


Resident and Fellow Presentations


         1500-1515    J. Devin Watson, MD

                                 “Short-term patency of human tissue-engineered vascular grafts in porcine model of hind-limb

                                            ischemia reperfusion injury.


         1515-1530    Kira Long, MD

                                 “Functional Outcome after Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Proximal and Distal Thoracic Aorta”


         1530-1545    Daniel Scott, MD

                                 A Diagnostic Evolution: Surgical Experience with Popliteal Entrapment Syndrome at a Military Tertiary Referral Center”


         1545-1600    Houssam Younes, MD

                                 “Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening in End Stage Renal Disease”


         1600-1615    Michael Clemens, MD

                                 “Validation of the Short Musculoskeletal Function Assesment for Assessing Long Term Outcomes following Extremity Vascular Injuries”


         1615-1630    Uwe Fischer, MD,PhD

                                 Endovascular repair of bilateral common iliac artery aneurysm: hypogastric artery preservation with two covered stents”


         1630-1645    Shariq Zaidi, MD

                                 "Implementation of a Fistula First Program in an Elderly Veteran Population" 


        1645-1700    Landon Humphrey, MD

                                 “Role of the Vascular Surgeon during Transfemoral Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) Procedures



Evening Agenda


         1800-1900       Cocktails


         1900-             Evening Presentation:

                                 Christopher Kwolek, MD

                                 "Current Management of Carotid Artery Disease: What Have We Learned and Where are       

                                  We Headed." 




         Awards for Resident and Fellows



November 2, 2013

        09:00                  SOVONET (SOuthern Vascular Outcomes NETwork) Regional PSO


Moderator :  Dr. Mark Davies

TIME 9:00A ­ 11:00

1.       Introductions
2.       Current State of SOVONET
        ·         Institutions
        ·         Modules
3.       National Data Set and National VQI activity
4.       Follow Up  in the system and its issues
5.       Quality Initiatives
6.       Research Initiatives​