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Below is a list of current V-SIGs with their contact information. If there is not a V-SIG in your area, please refer to the V-SIG toolkit for how to start one. If you are interested in starting a V-SIG, fill out the registration form. Also refer to the list of designated V-SIG faculty members who have indicated they are willing to help students establish a V-SIG at their respective instition.​

Emory University School of Medicine Faculty
Sponsor: Ravi Rajani, MD;
Group Contact: Zachary Fang;​  

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 
Faculty Sponsor: Rami Tadros, MD;
Group Contact: Kenneth Nakazawa;

Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Faculty Sponsor: Jason Chiriano, MD;​​
Group Contact: 
Laura Oppegard;​

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans
Faculty Sponsor: Malachi Sheahan, MD;
Group Contact: Marisa Pappas;

Loyola University Medical Center
Faculty Sponsor: Bernadette Aulivola, MD;​
Group Contact: Tony Peter;

McGill University
​​Group Website​

Northeast Ohio Medical University
Faculty Sponsor:Drazen Petrinec, MD;
Group Contact: Raymond Kennedy;
Penn State Hershey College of Medicine
Faculty Sponsor: Faisal Aziz, MD;
Group Contact: David Li;
The Cleveland Clinic
Faculty Sponsor: 
Christopher J. Smolock, MD; and Jean Kang, MD;​
Group Contact: Sean Steenberge;
Group Website​

University of Alberta
Faculty Sponsor: Jason Bayne, MD;
Group Contact: Siddharth Shinde;
Group Website​

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Factulty Sposor: Matthew Smeds, MD;​
Group Contact: Collins Scott;

University of Central Florida, College of Medicine
Faculty Sponsor: Adam Levitt, MD;
Group Contact: Benjamin Eslahpazir;

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Faculty Sponsor: Amit Jain, MD;
Group Contact: Justin King, MD;

University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Sponsor: Paul J Foley III
Group Contact: Alex Sotolongo;
Group Website​ (
University of Michigan
Faculty Sponsor: John Rectenwald, MD;
Group Contact: Anna Eliassen;

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Faculty Sponsor: 
Alexey Kamenskiy, PhD; and Jason MacTaggart MD
Group Contact: Wiliam Poulson, MD;

University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Faculty Sponsor: Lori L Pounds, MD;​​
Group Contact: Emily Jacobs;​

University of Toronto
Faculty Sponsor: George Oreopoulos, MD;​​
Group Contact: Mohammed.Firdouse;

University of Washington
Faculty Sponsor: Sheren Shalhub, MD; and Niten Singh, MD;
Group Contact: Kelli Hicks;​

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