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 Screening Event Toolkit

Use these materials to conduct a screening event:

Screening Forms

The following forms will be useful in conducting the screening event. These Word documents can be saved to a personal computer. Edit as needed. Print on personal letterhead.

Patient Screening Materials

Use the following to promote the screening event. Save the PDF fliers to a personal computer. Include contact information in the space provided on the bottom, left-hand corner of each flier. Contact information will appear on the front and back of the flier.

Provide the following fliers to patients whose scans indicate evidence of disease:

Media Materials

The Word documents below can be saved to a personal computer. Edit as needed. Print the fliers on personal letterhead.

  • Screening Event Press Kit (.doc)
    Lists materials and instructions for a press kit promoting a screening event
  • Screening Event Pitch Letter (.doc)
    A pitch letter provides an editor or reporter with specific information about vascular disease and the importance of screening. It can be sent with a Media Alert and the screening event press kit two to three weeks prior to the screening. Contact the media and invite them to the event
  • Screening Event Media Alert (.doc)
    A media alert provides a quick “who-what-where-when” about an event of public interest. Media alerts: 1) provide information for community calendars, and 2) invite the media to the screening event. When emailing an advisory or release, exclude the words “free” and “only” in subject line. Send two/three weeks prior to screening event. Invite the media to attend the event
  • Screening Event Press Release (.doc)
    Send the press release two or three weeks prior to the screening event. Invite reporters to the screening
  • Screening Event Talking Points (.doc)
    Includes suggested talking points for interviews promoting a screening event

Posted June 2010

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