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 Sample Media Campaign

Vascular surgeons may execute the following media campaign to establish themselves and their practice as experts in vascular health by providing consistent, newsworthy information.

Submit press kits to provide information to reporters and editors who cover health and medical topics in local city and neighborhood newspapers, broadcast, and websites. (To obtain a list of local media contacts, submit to SVS the Health and Medical Media List Request Form included in this kit.) Offer to meet with local media to discuss vascular health and the latest technologies.

This toolkit includes a press kit and eight press release templates to distribute to the media. (There is one release announcing membership for new members.) The press releases may be used exactly as written or may be edited with personalized quotes and practice information. Focus the releases on the reader—consider their perspective. Keep the language and explanations understandable to the general public. Add examples of cases when relevant.

The press kit and releases can be scheduled for distribution to the media at any time; however, some of the press release topics coordinate with national recognition dates. The media is more likely to use press releases during a national observance. A consistent distribution schedule will keep vascular health top-of-mind with the press. Send the releases a few weeks prior to the observance date. A sample media campaign using the materials in this kit follows.

Distribution Materials
July 1 - 15

Press kit introducing yourself and your practice

August 1 – August 31 Meet with reporters and producers to discuss vascular health and advancements in treatment. Pitch National Vascular Awareness Month (September) and the AAA and cholesterol press releases
September Cholesterol Education Month and National Vascular Awareness Month Release to Press: High Cholesterol is a Threat to the Entire Vascular System (Not Just Heart Vessels)
October 15

Press Release: Risk of Developing Vascular Disease Increases in Older Women

November 1, The Great American Smokeout (November 15)

Press Release: Smoking is a Major Risk Factor for Vascular Disease

December Press Release: Treatment Tips for Varicose Veins in Pregnant Women
January Press Release: Protection from AAA Rupture

​Press Release: A Healthy Routine is the Perfect New Year's Resolution

​Press Release: Millions of New Non-Smokers by January 21
February Press Release: Take Care of Your Legs
March Press Release: Five Most Important Things Baby Boomers can do to Maintain Good Vascular Health
April 15 – 31 Preparation for Stroke Awareness Month (May) Press Release: Prevention for Carotid Artery Disease, the Cause of Strokes


Posted June 2010

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