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 Resident/Fellow Research Award Competition



Grants: NYSVS Academic Awards
Announcement: Two (2) $7,500 GRANTS FOR RESEARCH
will be awarded during the Spring Meeting 2014
Application Deadline May 2, 2014
Eligible - One fellow/resident/medical student working in vascular research
Fellow, Resident and Student implies being a Vascular Surgery fellow or resident, a General Surgery resident, or a medical student committed to a vascular surgery project, each with a NYSVS Member mentor
  1. Introductory Letter (1 page)
  2. Letter of support and oversight from VS Division Chief (1 page)
  3. Title and Abstract (<200 words)
  4. Grant Proposal (9 pages)
    1. Specific Aim (1 page)
    2. Background (2 pages)
    3. Preliminary Data (1 page)
    4. Project (5 pages)
  5. Literature citation list (exempt from page limit)
  6. Budget with justification** (1 page)
  7. An interim report is expected at the Fall Meeting of  NYSVS 2014
  8. A summary and paper are expected to be presented at the 2015 Spring meeting of NYSVS
  9. Applications must be complete and received by May 2, 2014.
** The funds from these awards are intended to directly fund the research contained within this proposal. No indirect institutional funding is available through this grant mechanism.
**** Applicants are not eligible for award if they are funded by similar seed grants from other societies (i.e. SVS, ACS, AAS, etc.) for the same project. The absence of dual/redundant funding should be addressed in the Introductory Letter.
Applications should be submitted to Dr. Landis at