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 President's Message

NESVS President
R. Clement Darling, III, MD
The Vascular Group, PLLC
Albany, NY

By all accounts, the 40th Annual Meeting at Stowe Mountain Lodge was a tremendous success.  It was a beautiful venue, the attendance exceeded expectations, the talks were excellent and the company was divine.  The New England Society for Vascular Surgery is the oldest regional vascular society in North American and has been remarkably successful in advancing the art and science of vascular and endovascular surgery.  The Society has been very successful in building interest in vascular surgery among regional medical students and surgical residents.  The Annual Meeting represents the high point of the academic year.  Our close knit group of members, residents, fellows and medical students always allows us a chance to build long-standing relationships, as well as help demonstrate our passion for vascular surgery to our younger attendings and trainees.
As I mentioned, the 40th Annual Meeting of the Society at Stowe Mountain Lodge was a tremendous success. Dr. Glenn LaMuraglia, Treasurer and Chairman of the Program Committee, did a spectacular job of putting together a high quality, diverse and stimulating program.  With the advent of the rapid fire session, we could include more papers that were not only interesting, but controversial and stimulated discussion.  The quality of the papers for the New England Surgery Society - demonstrated by almost 70% acceptance rate - is equal to the Society for Vascular Surgery and one of the highest in all the regional societies.  Credit goes to Dr. Andrew Stanley for his hard work and perseverance.  Dr. Dave Campbell put together a remarkable student initiative program that was attended by over 20 medical students and residents as well as numerous society members.  Presentations were well prepared, interesting and stimulating.  We’re very proud of our young trainees and appreciate their hard work.  We can take pride in our efforts to attract these young bright trainees to our profession and see that there is an extremely bright future for them, as well, as vascular surgeons in New England.  The Postgraduate Course on carotid disease orchestrated excellently by Dr. Christopher Kwolek was extremely successful and well attended. And as we all expected, President Michael Belkin’s Presidential Address entitle, “The Training of Firemen” was humorous, insightful and provocative.  He offered all of us an insight of our training paradigm and how we can improve it.  Our leaving Secretary, Dr. Robert Patterson did a superb job marshaling us through the meeting and he has been integral in helping us to establish the combined meeting.  He’s done a superb job supporting our Society and I would like to personally thank him for all his hard work. Our Society remains financially strong - a benefit from all the committed, talented leadership of our administrative team.
The 41st Annual Meeting of the New England Society for Vascular Surgery will be held at the Marriott Copley Place Hotel in Boston.  This will be a combined meeting with the Eastern Vascular Society (September 11-14, 2014).  I am looking forward to an exciting, interactive and stimulating meeting that will allow the oldest and the largest regional societies in North America to get together, exchange ideas and look toward the future.  It will be the academic and social highlight of the year and I urge all of you to set those dates on your calendars in advance.
The New England Society for Vascular Surgery is lucky to be able to draw upon some of the most talented and knowledgeable vascular surgeons in the country and this makes ours the strongest of the regional vascular societies.  I would like to thank you for the privilege you have bestowed upon me in selecting me as your President for the next year.  I know of no greater honor and I promise that we will work hard to make this our most successful year ever with the combined meeting.  We look forward to seeing you in Boston in September, 2014.
With warmest regards,