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 Membership Dues


Dear MVSS Member:

The Society invites you to remit your Annual Membership Dues using our convenient on-line processing system.  Members with email addresses will be able to take advantage of this on-line dues processing program.

2015 Annual Dues payments will be mailed soon.  Members are asked to remit their dues payments upon receipt of notification.

You may revise your contact information in this system or contact the Administrative Offices to revise your information for the Society’s membership database if necessary.

If you owe back dues, you also may use this system for paying previous dues.
Thank you for your support of the Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society.

Jean E. Starr, MD


 (2015 Annual Dues payments will be accepted soon.)

(Please note:  The Sign-in feature at the top of this page does not pertain to the MVSS Website, but only to the Society for Vascular Surgery's SVS VascularWeb site.  Any updates to addresses made by using this feature, will only be made to your information with the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS). To update your address with the Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society, please use the on-line dues program by pointing to the Pay Your Membership Dues box above, or contact the Society's Administrative Offices.