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 2014 SVS Political Action Committee Contributors

The Society for Vascular Society® (SVS) PAC thanks the following members for their generous contributions. Donations made beginning January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014 are recorded below.  SVS PAC provides the resources for SVS volunteers and staff to attend fundraising events for influential members of Congress and candidates to discuss issues that directly affect vascular surgeons and their patients. Please make a contribution online or by mail.  

    • Francesco  Arello, MD
    • Paul  Armstrong, MD
    • Elias  Arous, MD
    • Andrew  Bakker, MD
    • James  Black, MD
    • Kevin  Bruen, MD
    • Michael  Curi, MD
    • Alan  Dardik, MD
    • Matthew  Eagleton, MD
    • Christopher  Healey, MD
    • Karl  Illig, MD
    • John  Kirkland, MD
    • Larry  Kraiss, MD
    • Timothy  Kresowik, MD
    • Kura  Kvilekval, MD
    • Peter  Lawrence, MD
    • Gary  Lemmon, MD
    • Michael  Lepore, MD
    • Jeffrey  Martinez, MD
    • Louis  Messina, MD
    • Robert  Molnar, MD
    • Bart  Muhs, MD
    • Richard  Neville, MD
    • Federico  Parodi, MD
    • Robert  Petterson, MD
    • Jeffrey  Rhodes, MD
    • William  Robinson, MD
    • Andres  Schanzer, MD
    • Joseph  Schnider, MD
    • Peter  Schnieder, MD
    • Matthew  Sideman, MD
    • Jessica  Simons, MD
    • Sunita  Srivastava, MD
    • Bauer  Sumpio, MD
    • Robert  Thompson, MD
    • Edith  Tzeng, MD

Vascular Surgery Practices with 100 Percent Participation during 2014

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital, Department of Vascular Surgery, MD
  • Sarasota Vascular Specialists, FL
  • Stritch School of Medicine, Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, Loyola University Medical Center
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School, Division of VascularSurgery

  Updated July 2014


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