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 SVS PAC Funds Needed for a Stronger Voice in Washington, DC

Message from SVS Immediate Past President, Julie Ann Freischlag, MD and
David Deaton, MD


Make your 2014 PAC Contribution

With 2014 being an election year for the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate and with so many contested races, PAC fundraising by incumbent/new candidates is likely to be at an all-time high. This will provide SVS additional opportunities to educate candidates about our issues. On behalf of the SVS Political Action Committee (PAC), we are asking you to contribute to the SVS PAC so that the voice of Vascular Surgery can be even stronger in 2014.

SVS PAC contributions create access by enabling SVS members and staff to attend fundraisers and personally interact with targeted members of Congress, including those who serve on health committees, in leadership positions and/or are physicians along with non-incumbent candidates who are supportive of our issues. SVS PAC is the only PAC that is totally focused on the interests of vascular surgery, particularly our reimbursement and our patients. SVS PAC contributions in 2013 were a catalyst for the following successes:

1. A cap on payment for services performed in angiography suites was averted;
2. Additional cuts to vascular ultrasound reimbursement were averted;
3. Barriers to AAA screening for at-risk Medicare beneficiaries were removed;
4. Independent Payment Advisory Committee repeal was introduced in the House and Senate;
5. And, we are working with Congressional committees to repeal and reform SGR. 

In the past year, 212 SVS members contributed to the PAC for a total of $97,000; we truly thank those members for their commitment in helping advance vascular surgery issues on Capitol Hill. Also significant, 100 percent of the SVS Board of Directors and all partners of eight vascular surgery practices contributed in 2013. However, this is only 5 percent of the entire SVS membership, meaning that 95 percent have not contributed to the PAC. 

We urge all SVS members to make a contribution today. We believe that supporting the SVS PAC is one of our professional duties and is an investment in the future of vascular surgery.  And, 100 percent of your SVS PAC contribution goes directly to candidates.

Contributors will receive a PAC pin and an invitation to an exclusive PAC reception with a member of Congress to be held on Thursday, June 5, 2014 in Boston during the Vascular Annual Meeting. Those who contribute $1000 or more will receive a SVS tie or scarf. More importantly, donors have the satisfaction of knowing that vascular surgery’s voice will be strongly heard on Capitol Hill.

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