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Experimental and Applied Vascular Biology 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 8:00am - 5:15 pm

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*Draft Program Schedule, subject to change

7:00 am            Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:00 am            Introductory Remarks

                        John A. Curci MD, FACS – Chair, Research and Education Committee

                        Muredach Reilly, MB, FAHA – Chair, Program Committee, ATVB 2014

                        Michael Conte, MD, FACS, FAHA – Chair, PVD Council

                        Hernan Bazan, MD, FACS – SVS Foundation Development Committee

Session I:        Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering

Moderator: Katherine Gallagher, MD

Moderator: Phil S. Tsao, PhD


8:30 am            Prevention of Circulating Progenitor Surge After Vascular Injury Effectively Reduces Restenosis

Bryan W. Tillman1, Jeremy Kelly2, Tara D. Richards2, Alex F. Chen3, Albert D. Donnenberg2, Vera Donnenberg2

1Univ of Pittsburgh Medical Ctr, Pittsburgh, PA; 2Univ of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA; 3Univ of Pittsburgh Sch of Med, Pittsburgh, PA


8:42 am            Bone-Marrow Chimeras Demonstrate that the Epigenetic Signature in the Bone Marrow Myeloid Cells Influences the Peripheral Wound M1-Dominant Macrophage Phenotype

Katherine A Gallagher, Amrita Joshi, Emily Hogikyan, Dawn Coleman, William Carson, Steven Kunkel, Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


8:54 am            Reduction in Atherosclerosis Plaque by Intravenous Injections of Engineered Bone Marrow Stem Cells with Low Notch Activity in Apo E-/- mice

Zhao-Jun Liu, Yurong Tan, Yan Li, Bo Wang, Runxia Tian, Pascal J Goldschmidt-Clermont, David Seo, Omaida C Velazquez

Univ of Miami, Miami, FL


9:06 am            Periadventitial Stem Cell Therapy Halts the Progression of an Established Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm in Elastase Perfused Mice

Kory J Blose 1, Terri L Ennis 2, Batool Arif 2, Justin S Weinbaum 1, John A Curci 2, David A Vorp 1

1 Univ of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA; 2 Washington Univ Sch of Med in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO


9:18 am            Increased Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Counts and Pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide in Patients with Critical Limb Ischemia

Houssam Farres, Caroline Sutton, Abba Zubair, Albert Hakaim

Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL



Session:          Distinguished Invited Speaker


9:30 am            NHLBI Update

                        Zorina Galis, PhD

                        Branch Chief, Vascular Biology and Hypertension, NHLBI)


9:40 am            From Mentoree to Mentor: Scientific Lessons Learned Along the Way

                        Gilbert Upchurch, MD

                        Professor of Surgery, Chief of Division of Vascular Surgery, University of Virginia


10:10 am          Coffee Break



Session II:      Aneurysms

                        Moderator: Ben Jackson, MD

                        Moderator: Lisa Cassis, PhD


10:30 am          Macrophages Mediate the ability of the Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE) to Prevent Formation of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) in a Murine Model

Pamela Kell1, Terri Ennis1, Katherine Chang1, Richard Hotchkiss1, Robert W. Thompson1, Ann Marie Schmidt2, Kathleen G Raman1

1Washington Univ Sch of Med, St. Louis, MO; 2New York Univ Sch of Med, New York, NY


10:42 am          Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker Potential of miR-24 in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Disease and Rupture

Ekaterina Chernogubova1, Suzanne Eken1, Joshua Spin2, Hong Jin1, Uwe Raaz2, Joy Roy1, Per Eriksson1, Philip Tsao2, Lars Maegdefessel1

1Karolinska Inst, Stockholm, Sweden; 2Stanford Univ, Stanford, CA


10:54 am          IL-1β-Induced Ceramide Synthesis Accentuates NETosis and Inflammation in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Akshaya K Meher, Nicolas Pope, Gang Su, John P Davis, Vlad Serbulea, Victor E Laubach, Norbert Leitinger, Gorav Ailawadi, Gilbert R Upchurch, Jr.

Univ of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA


11:06 am          Finite Element Models with Patient Specific Wall Strength Estimations Improve Growth Predictions of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Moritz Lindquist Liljeqvist1, Rebecka Hultgren1, Christian Gasser2, Joy Roy1

1Karolinska Inst, Stockholm, Sweden; 2Royal Inst of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden


11:18 am          LRP1 Deficiency in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Augments Development of Angiotensin II-induced Ascending Aortic and Superior Mesenteric Artery Aneurysms

Frank Davis1, Christopher M. Haggerty1, Debra L. Rateri1, Deborah A. Howatt1, Anju Balakrishnan1, Jessica J. Moorleghen1, Brandon K. Fornwalt1, Dudley Strickland2, Alan Daugherty1

1Univ of Kentucky, Lexington, KY; 2Univ of Maryland, Baltimore, MD


11:30 am          Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies in Predicting Aneurysmal Degeneration of Acute Type B Aortic

Eric K Shang1, Derek P Nathan2, Ronald M Fairman1, Joseph E Bavaria1, Robert C Gorman1, Joseph H Gorman III1, Benjamin M Jackson1

1Hosp of the Univ of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; 2Univ of Washington, Seattle, WA


11:42 am          Hypertension Modulates Sexual Dimorphism of Aortic Aneurysm in TGF-B Deficient Mice via ERK Activation

Bradley M Schmit, Chunhua Fu, Pu Yang, Kenneth DeSart, Bernie Shalit, Scott A Berceli, Zhihua Jiang

Univ of Florida, Gainesville, FL


Noon                 Lunch and Posters



Session:          Awardee Recognition and Reports


1:05pm             SVS Foundation Scientific Awardee Recognition

                        John A. Curci, MD


1:10 pm            NHLBI Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (K08) Report:

                        The Role of Innate Immunity in Promoting Muscle Recovery in Limb Ischemia

Ulka Sachdev, MD



Session:          Perspectives on Translational Research into Venous Thrombosis


1:20 pm            Understanding Deep Venous Thrombosis and Advancing Clinical Care Options

                        Moderator: Zorina Galis, PhD

                        Moderator: Peter Henke, MD 

      • Peter Henke, MD – Professor of Surgery, Associate Chair of Research, University of ​Michigan (Experimental Insights into Post Thrombotic Syndrome: uPA, PAI-1, MMP Interactions)
      • Suresh Vedantham – Professor of Radiology Washington University in St. Louis, Principal Investigator ATTRACT (DVT Thrombolysis and the ATTRACT trial)
      • Rajabrata Sarkar, MD, PhD – Professor of Surgery, Chief, Vascular Surgery, University of Maryland (An Overview of Translation Therapy for Acceleration of Thrombus Resolution)
      • Jeff Weitz, MD – Professor of Medicine, McMaster University, Canada Research Chair Thrombosis (Advances in the Medical Management of VTE) 



Session III:     Vascular Endothelium and Thrombosis

Moderator: April Boyd, MD

Moderator: Jordan D. Miller, PhD


2:30 pm            Endothelial Dysfunction Potentiates Deep Venous Thrombosis in a Mouse Model of Sepsis

                        Andrea T Obi1, Chase W. Kessinger2, Catherine E. Luke1, Megan Elfline1, Teruna J. Siahaan3, Farouc A. Jaffer2, Krishnan Raghavendran1, Thomas W. Wakefield1, Peter K. Henke1

1Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; 2Massachusetts General Hosp, Boston, MA; 3Univ of Kansas, Lawrence, KS


2:42 pm            Anti-thrombin Perfluorocarbon Nanoparticles Ameliorate Renal Injury Following Transient Warm Ischemia

                        Chandu Vemuri, Junjie Chen, Rohun U. Palekar, John S. Allen, Xiaoxia Yang, Hiuying Zhang, Samuel A. Wickline

Washington Univ in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO


2:54 pm            Androgen Deficiency Influences Matrix Metalloproteinase Expression and Intimal Hyperplasia Development after Vascular Injury

                        Brian M Freeman, Deidra J Mountain, Timothy C Brock, Jason R Chapman, Stacy S Kirkpatrick, Joshua D Arnold, Scott L Stevens, Mitchell H Goldman, Michael B Freeman, Frederick A Klein, Oscar H Grandas

UT Graduate Sch of Med, Knoxville, TN


3:06 pm            Cross Talk between Macrophages, Smooth Muscle Cells and Endothelial Cells in Response to Cigarette Smoke: The Effects on Mmp2 And -9

                        Abhijit Ghosh1, Angela Pechota1, Andrew Neevel1, Natalie Golota1, Gilbert R Upchurch Jr2, Jonathan L Eliason1

                        1Univ of Michigan Medical Sch, Ann Arbor, MI; 2Univ of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA


3:18 pm            Carbon Monoxide Induces Macrophage VEGF Production and Promotes Angiogenic Behavior in Endothelial Cells

                        Andrew E Leake, Guiying Hong, Christopher B Washington, Ankur J Shukla, Ulka Sachdev, Edith Tzeng

VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, Pittsburgh, PA


3:30 pm            Coffee Break


3:45 pm            Session IV: Peripheral Arterial Disease

Moderator: Ulka Sachdev, MD

Moderator: Muredach P. Reilly, MD


3:45 pm            Mortality rates of patients with peripheral arterial disease are predicated by the respiratory activities of the gastrocnemius mitochondrial l complexes I and IV

Jonathan Thompson, ACS 2013 Excellence in Research Award Winner

J. R. Thompson, S. A. Swanson, G. Haynatzki, G. P. Casale, J. M. Johanning, E. Papoutsi, P. Koutakis, D. Miserlis, Z. Zhu, I. I. Pipinos
University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE


3:57 pm            Predicting Patients Who Will Have Cognitive Decline after Carotid Endarterectomy or Stenting Using Structural Connectivity Graph Analysis

Salil Soman1, Gautam Prasad2, Elizabeth Hitchner3, Allyson Rosen1, Wei Zhou4

1Stanford, PA VA, Menlo Park, CA; 2Stanford, USC, Stanford, CA; 3Stanford, Stanford, CA; 4 Stanford, Palo Alto, CA


4:09 pm            Short-term, High-dose Fish Oil Supplementation Increases the Production of Downstream n-3 Fatty Acid Metabolites

Marlene Grenon1, Christopher Owens1, Hugh Alley1, Karen Chong1, Priscilla Yen2, John Boscardin1, Matthew Spite3, Michael S Conte1

1UCSF, San Francisco, CA; 2UCLA, Los Angeles, CA; 3Univ of Louisville, Louisville, KY


4:21 pm            Critical Role of Toll-like Receptor 4 (TLR4) in Ischemia-induced Skeletal Muscle Damage

Ali Navi, David Abraham, Xu Shi-wen, George Hamilton, Daryll Baker, Janice Tsui

Univ Coll London, London, United Kingdom


4:33 pm            Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Kinase Activation Is Necessary for Macrophage Accumulation, Compensatory Growth Of Blood Vessels, And Muscle Regeneration Following Femoral Artery Ligation

Nicholas J Andersen1, Elissa A Boguslawski2, Agni Naidu2, Kara Kits2, Jenn L Bromberg-White2, Brittany Holly2, Cynthia Y Kuk2, Mary E Winn2, Ting-Tung Chang2, Christopher M Chambers1, Nicholas S Duesbery2

1Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, MI; 2Van Andel Inst, Grand Rapids, MI


4:45 pm            Alterations in Tissue-Based Sca-1+ Stem Cell Populations in Diabetic Arteries

Jill R Streams, Vera P Shively, Janet M. Vercammen, Megan E. Flynn, Melina R. Kibbe

Northwestern Univ, Chicago, IL


4:57 pm            Stress-induced Loss of Nuclear HMGB1 from Ischemic Muscle is Modulated by Autophagy and Accompanies Myoblast Differentiation

Jun Xu1, Xiangdong Cui1, Guiying Hong1, Edith Tzeng2, Ulka Sachdev1

1Univ of Pittsburgh Sch of Med, Pittsburgh, PA; 2VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, Pittsburgh, PA


5:09 pm            Recently Ruptured Carotid Plaques Have Increased Levels Of circularRNA-16, which Negatively Regulates the Pro-proliferative And Anti-apoptotic microRNA-221: A Novel Mediator of Carotid Plaque Rupture

Hernan A Bazan1, Daniel Lightell2, W Charles Sternbergh III1, T Cooper Woods2

                      1Ochsner Clinic, New Orleans, LA; 2Tulane Heart & Vascular Inst, New Orleans, LA


5:25 pm            Reception and Posters



Ebi3 Deficiency Exacerbates Experimental Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Yasunori Iida1, Hiroki Tanaka2, Xiaolei Hu2, Xiaoxing Xiong2, Heng Zhao2, Baohui Xu2, Ronald Lee Dalman21Saiseikai Yokohamashi Tobu Hosp, Yokohama, Japan; 2Stanford Univ Sch of Med, Stanford, CA 

Successful Rejuvenation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Amputated Limbs of Vascular Patients for Therapeutic Applications
Luke Brewster1, Scott Robinson2, Sarah Griffiths3, Ajai Rajabalan2, Ruoya Wang2, Haiyan Li2, Alexandra Peister4, Ian Copland2, Todd McDevitt3
1Emory Univ/Atlanta VA Medical Ctr, Atlanta, GA; 2Emory Univ, Atlanta, GA; 3Georgia Inst of Technology, Atlanta, GA; 4Morehouse Coll, Atlanta, GA 

Simvastatin Affects Monocyte Adhesion and Infiltrative Activity in Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Kiana M Samadzadeh1,  Anthony Nguyen2, Kevin C Chun1, Eugene S Lee3
1Sacramento VA Medical Ctr, Mather, CA; 2Sacramento VA Medical Ctr, Sacramento, CA; 3Univ of California Davis, Sacramento, CA

Screening Of Micrornas Expressed In Isolated Cells of Human Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm for the Identification of Potential Biomarkers
Rafaelle Spear1, Ludovic Boytard1, Renaud Blervaque1, David Hot1, Jonathan Vanhoutte1, Bart Staels1, Maggy Chwastyniak1, Philippe Amouyel1, Stephan Haulon2, Florence Pinet1
1Inst Pasteur de Lille, Lille, France; 2 CHRU de Lille, Lille, France 

Role of Chronic Kidney Disease Promoted Caspase-1 Activation in Neointimal Hyperplasia
Lucas M Ferrer, Alexandra Monroy, Jahaira Lopez, Xiao-Feng Yang, Hong Wang, Eric Choi
Temple Univ, Philadelphia, PA

Perivascular Administration of Rapamycin through Nanoparticles Prolongs Inhibition of Arterial Restenosis
Guojun Chen, Xudong Shi, Lian-Wang Guo, Yi Si, Men Zhu, Srikanth Pilla, Bo Liu, Shaoqin Gong, K. Craig Kent
Univ of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Use of Optical Coherence Tomography to Study Arteriogenesis After Hindlimb Ischemia
Gale L. Tang1, Lei Shi2, Galit Eliahoo2, Yuandong J Li2, Ruikang Wang2
1VA Puget Sound, Seattle, WA; 2Univ of Washington, Seattle, WA



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