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​2011 Comprehensive Vascular Review Course Presentations

I. Surgical Principles
Anatomy - John F. Eidt, MD
Physiology - John F. Eidt
Pathology - George H. Meier, MD
II. Endovascular Therapy
General Principles  - Mark G. Davies, MD, PhD
Arteriography - Mark G. Davies, MD, PhD
General Complications—Associated with Device or Contrast - Alan B. Lumsden, MD
Radiation Physics/Safety - Alan B. Lumsden, MD
III. Vascular Diagnosis
Interview and Examination - Gregory L. Moneta, MD
PVRs and Segmental Pressures - George H. Meier, MD
Duplex and Ultrasound - Gregory L. Moneta, MD
CTA and MRI - George H. Meier, MD
IV. Medical Management
Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Management - Alan B. Lumsden, MD
Non-operative Management of Claudication - Gregory L. Moneta, MD
Preoperative Risk Assessment and Perioperative Risk Reduction - Alan B. Lumsden, MD
V. Disorders of Coagulation - Thomas W. Wakefield, MD
VI. Cerebrovascular Disease
Extracranial Carotid Artery - Jerry Goldstone, MD
Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency - Jerry Goldstone, MD
Great Vessels - Jerry Goldstone, MD
Non-atherosclerotic Disorders - Marc A. Passman, MD
VII. Upper Extremity Disease
Subclavian/Axillary Lesions - Mitchell W. Cox, MD
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - Mitchell W. Cox, MD
Non-atherosclerotic Disorders - Marc A. Passman, MD
VIII. Lower Extremity Disease (1) Chronic Limb Ischemia
Pathophysiology - Mark G. Davies, MD, PhD
Aortoiliac Disease - Benjamin J. Pearce, MD
Femoropopliteal Disease - Benjamin J. Pearce, MD
Diabetic Foot - Mark G. Davies, MD, PhD
Sympathectomy - Benjamin J. Pearce, MD
IX. Lower Extremity Disease (2)
Acute Limb Ischemia - Todd E. Rasmussen, MD
Complications of Lower Extremity Procedures - Marc H. Glickman, MD
X. Visceral Artery Lesions
Splanchnic Arterial Disease - Karl A. Illig, MD
Renal Arterial Disease - Karl A. Illig, MD
Visceral Artery Aneurysms - Karl A. Illig, MD
XI. Aneurysmal Disease
Etiology and Pathophysiology - Joshua O’Brien, MD
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms - Mark A. Farber, MD
Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms - Mark A. Farber, MD
Peripheral Arterial Aneurysms - Joshua O’Brien, MD
Pseudoaneurysms - Mark A. Farber, MD
XII. Vascular Access
Pre-operative Evaluation - Marc H. Glickman, MD
Autogenous A-V Fistula - David L. Gillespie, MD
A-V grafts, including Graft Material - Marc H. Glickman, MD
Complications of Dialysis Access - David L. Gillespie, MD
XIII. Vascular Trauma
Mechanism of Injury - Todd E. Rasmussen, MD
Control and Exposure - Mitchell W. Cox, MD
Head and Neck - Todd E. Rasmussen, MD
Extremities - Todd E. Rasmussen, MD
Abdomen and Pelvis - Mitchell W. Cox, MD
Thoracic - Mitchell W. Cox, MD
XIV. Venous Disease
Reflux - Marc A. Passman, MD
Pelvic Vein and Thromboembolism - David L. Gillespie, MD
XV. Miscellaneous
Congenital - Cynthia K. Shortell, MD
Lymphatic - Cynthia K. Shortell, MD
Vascular Grafts - Karl A. Illig, MD
Amputations - Karl A. Illig, MD

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