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 PVSS24. Factors Affecting Inferior Vena Cava Filter (IVCF) Retrieval Success

Roan J. Glocker, Zdenek Novak, Thomas C. Matthews, Mark A. Patterson, William D. Jordan, Marc A. Passman
Vascular Surgery, UAB, Birmingham, AL.
OBJECTIVES: Success rates vary for the retrieval of IVCF. Optimal retrieval time and factors influencing success remain unproven. This study aims to evaluate factors related to successful IVCF retrieval.
METHODS: An institutional prospectively maintained database was reviewed for all IVCF retrieval attempts 2007-2012. Patient demographics, comorbidities, indications for procedure, placement technique, IVCF type, presence of angulation and time to retrieval were evaluated. Statistical analyses performed using SPSS (IBM).
RESULTS: Of 121 attempted IVCF retrievals, 92 (76%) were successful. There were no significant differences between the successful and unsuccessful attempts in terms of patient demographics, comorbidities, indications for procedure, placement technique or IVCF type. Time since IVCF placement was significantly different (p=0.025) between the successful and unsuccessful retrieval groups, medians were 105 (7-368) and 162 (43-379) days respectively. Time since IVCF placement greater than 117 days correlated significantly with unsuccessful IVCF retrieval (r=0.218 p=0.017, OR = 2.88 p=0.02). Angulation greater than 20 degrees on AP radiograph was noted in 7 of 29 (24%) unsuccessful retrievals compared with 7 of 92 (7.6%) successful retrievals, this difference was significant (p=0.015).
CONCLUSIONS: IVCF retrieval is 90% successful within 117 days of placement. Unsuccessful retrieval attempts are most likely to occur in IVCF which are angulated.
AUTHOR DISCLOSURES: R. J. Glocker: Nothing to disclose; W. D. Jordan: Nothing to disclose; T. C. Matthews: Nothing to disclose; Z. Novak: Nothing to disclose; M. A. Passman: Nothing to disclose; M. A. Patterson: Nothing to disclose.
IVCF retrieval success over time. Vertical line at 90th percentile corresponds to IVCF time estimate of 117 days. SE >10% at 270 days.














Posted April 2013

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