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​​​Society for Vascular Surgery 
Vascular Annual Meeting  
May 30 – June 1, 2013 
Moscone West Convention Center 
San Francisco, CA ​

The Society for Vascular Surgery® is pleased to have​ your active involvement during the 2013 Vascular Annual Meeting, May 30 – June 1 in San Francisco, CA.  The guidelines provided here will enable our technical team to support you effectively and give them the opportunity to uncover any potential glitches in advance.​

Please stop by the Speaker Ready Room and check-in upon your arrival at the meeting. We need to confirm your arrival and participation.

SPEAKER READY ROOM HOURS – Moscone West Convention Center, 3014 Overlook Room 

Tuesday, May 28 - 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm (Postgraduate Courses, PVSS) 
Wednesday, May 29 – 6:00 am – 6:30 pm 
Thursday, May 30 – 6:00 am – 5:30 pm 
Friday, May 31 - 6:00 am – 5:00 pm 
Saturday, June 1 – 6:00 am – 4:30 pm 

There will be a single Windows-based laptop at the podium. This laptop is connected via a network to the computers located in the speaker ready room. Once your presentation has been checked in, by the graphics operator, it will be loaded onto the main podium computer. This procedure eliminates mishaps that can occur due to incompatible devices and software and also ensures the flow of the meeting is not interrupted. ​Please Note: Internet access will NOT be available on the presentation laptops.

We are currently using PowerPoint 2010 on our computers. This version will accept files created in earlier versions of the software. Presentations created in Keynote, Prezi, Slide Rocket or other presentation software will not be accepted .

USB Flash Drive 
External USB Hard Drive  

VIDEO CLIP FORMAT: The recommended file format for video clips to playback in a PowerPoint presentation is wmv, mpg, or avi.

It is recommended that you bring copies of all videos even those embedded in your presentation. This will, if necessary, allow us to edit and/or re-import the video file to ensure your presentation runs smoothly. ​

Video segments should be submitted on DVD (playable in a standard DVD player). Other formats accepted include .MOV or .WMV   Note: It is extremely important that you specify if your video will include sound or not.


Keynote Users: Keynote cannot be played back on a PC.  We recommend you export your presentation as a PowerPoint file.  

PowerPoint for MAC files should be tested on a PC before attending the event. 

“Drag and Drop” placement of images is not supported in the PC version of PowerPoint. Please use the “Insert” drop down menu when placing graphics into your presentation.

Important Reminders
  • Please do not take your laptop to the session room. Presenters who arrive at the session room with their laptops will be asked to go the Speaker Ready Room to upload their presentation.    
  • Disclosure Slide: The slide following your title slide should contain text about relationships and affiliations disclosed in your conflict of interest information.
  • Plenary presentations are 14 minutes in length (7-minute presentation, 7-minute question and answer).
  • Video presentations are 10 minutes in length (5-minute presentation, 5-minute question and answer).
  • Rapid Paced Papers are 5 minutes in length (3-minute presentation, 2-minute question and answer).
  • Invited Speaker Session presentations are various lengths from 5 to 45 minutes each. Please discuss your session time with the moderator.  
  • PVSS sessions are 15 minutes in length (7-minute presentation, 7-minute question and answer).
  • Select Plenary and Breakfast Sessions will be recorded for Web cast (streaming) purposes 14 days after the meeting. Presentations (audio and slides) will be available to be viewed on the VascularWeb website after the meeting. Presenters who do not wish to have their presentation recorded should indicate so when uploading presentations. Presenters will be asked to agree or disagree to the following: 

Presenters hereby grant permission to allow the text and images of my presentation to be posted on the VascularWeb website after the meeting. Presenters will have the opportunity to delete or provide replacement slides (if necessary) within 7 days of the presentation. Presenters are responsible for obtaining all releases for any copyright-protected or proprietary content that is in the material being presented.  

Updated January 2013

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