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 Edward B. Diethrich MD, Awarded Medal for Innovation in Vascular Surgery Society for Vascular Surgery  



CHICAGO─Edward B. Diethrich, MD, was awarded the SVS Medal for Innovations in Vascular Surgery by Society for Vascular Surgery® (SVS) at the 67th Vascular Annual Meeting® on May 30, 2013. This award is given to an individual or individuals whose contribution to vascular surgery has had a transforming impact on the practice or science of vascular surgery. 
In Phoenix, Dr. Diethrich is the medical director at the Arizona Heart Foundation; and is a cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon at Arizona Heart Hospital. In 1971 he established and directed the internationally known Arizona Heart Institute. The Institute boasts a long list of “firsts” under Diethrich’s leadership, including the first heart transplant performed in Phoenix (1984) and the first heart/lung transplant in Arizona (1985).
He is the scientific director of the Arizona Heart Foundation Translational Research Center, where he guides the investigative progress assuring that the Translational Research Center will always be on the cutting edge of cardiovascular scientific and human application.
Dr. Diethrich has had a distinguished career as an extraordinary vascular and cardiothoracic surgeon, leader, and innovator. Beginning in 1962, Dr. Diethrich invented the sternal saw for opening the chest leading to one of the first companies involved in developing cardiovascular products. He later established the nation's first outpatient cardiac catheterization laboratory which is now a world-wide standard. 
He was a pioneer in the endovascular revolution and his contribution to surgical education has included the first live telecast of open heart surgery to a national audience. His annual endovascular meetings have attracted physicians from around the world. The large number of live telecasts he has included in his meetings have contributed to better and faster training of hundreds of vascular specialists.
Dr. Diethrich developed one of the first ultrasound companies and contributed to the development of a preservation chamber for the heart transplantation. His role in introducing one of the endovascular aortic grafts in the United States has been essential and he is a founder and medical director of this device company. 
During the past 10 years, he was involved in founding three organizations dedicated to advancing the practice of vascular surgery. One develops and manufactures endoluminal grafts and another is a translational research center, dedicated to pre-clinical and clinical research in new and developing technologies. More recently he started a corporation devoted to the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease, with an emphasis on non-traditional medicine.
He is the founder of the International Society for Endovascular Surgery, and served as its past president, and chairman of the board. An active member of the community, he belongs to many organizations, has received numerous awards and has authored several books and hundreds of scientific articles. He provides consultation and second opinion services in addition to his operative work in all areas of cardiovascular surgery and intervention. 
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