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 Mailing List Rental Guidelines

    1. The Society for Vascular Surgery® (SVS) rents its mailing list (for a one-time use) to medical societies, hospitals, universities, and other non-profit groups, and for-profit companies for the purpose of promoting CME accredited courses and text books that may benefit SVS members. The mailing list contains physical mailing addresses of SVS members. No emails, faxes, or telephone numbers for SVS members are rented to any entity.  

    2. Written requests, including the actual mail piece, must be submitted in final and complete form to SVS for review prior to SVS providing the membership database.

    3. The list is provided for one-time use only. Lists will be “seeded” to monitor proper usage.

    4. The list is sold in its entirety only (approximately 4,500 members).

    5. Hospitals, universities, and other charitable organizations are charged $1,200 for a one-time use.

    6. Corporations, marketing groups, and other for-profit organizations are charged $5,500 for a one-time use.   

    7. SVS will provide an invoice once the mailing is approved. All orders must be prepaid by check or credit card before the database is given to the purchaser. A rental agreement must be signed and returned along with the payment.

    8. SVS will email an Excel membership database to the purchaser after approval of the promotional piece and payment.

    9. Total processing time for the database is generally 7 – 10 days.

    10. SVS reserves the right to refuse any mailing, which, in its sole discretion, is inconsistent with the philosophy and mission of SVS.

    11. The renter shall make no claims that the mailing is in any way endorsed by SVS.

    Affirmed by SVS Board of Directors, January 2010

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