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 AAVS Presidents

American Association for Vascular Surgery Presidents 1952 - 2003

Formerly the North American Chapter of the ISCVS

1952 Emile F. Holman, MD
1953 Emile F. Holman, MD
1954 Geza de Takats, MD
1955 Alton Ochsner, MD
1956 Alton Ochsner, MD
1957 Harris B. Shumaker, Jr., MD
1958 Harris B. Shumaker, Jr., MD
1959 Henry Haimovici, MD
1960 Henry Haimovici, MD
1961 Frank Gerbode, MD
1962 Frank Gerbode, MD
1963 C. Rollins Hanlon, MD
1964 Michael E. DeBakey, MD
1965 D. Emerick Szilagyi, MD
1966 Ralph A. Deterling, Jr., MD
1967 Ormand C. Julian, MD
1968 Oscar Creech, Jr., MD
1969 Andrew G. Morrow, MD
1970 Edwin J. Wylie, MD
1971 Jack A. Cannon, MD
1972 Charles G. Rob, MD
1973 Jesse E. Thompson, MD
1974 John H. Foster, MD
1975 Allan D. Callow, MD
1976 Frank C. Spencer, MD
1977 John E. Connolly, MD
1978 W. Sterling Edwards, MD
1979 William S. Blakemore, MD
1980 Wiley F. Barker, MD
1981 W. Andrew Dale, MD
1982 E. Stanley Crawford, MD
1983 William J. Fry, MD
1984 John L. Ochsner, MD
1985 James A. DeWeese, MD
1986 George Johnson, Jr., MD
1987 Vallee L. Willman, MD
1988 Garland Perdue, Jr., MD
1989 Ronald J. Baird, MD
1990 Norman M. Rich, MD
1991 Robert W. Barnes, MD
1992 John A. Mannick, MD
1993 Lazar J. Greenfield, MD
1994 Ronald J. Stoney, MD
1995 Robert B. Rutherford, MD
1996 Jerry Goldstone, MD
1997 Robert B. Smith, III, MD
1998 William H. Baker, MD
1999 Anthony D. Whittemore, MD
2000 John M. Porter, MD
2001 Robert W. Hobson, II, MD
2002 William H. Pearce, MD
2003 Thomas S. Riles, MD

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