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​The SVS Foundation’s Legacy Program honors donors who have made major contributions during their lifetimes. 

The Society for Vascular Surgery considers the following contributors to be the specialty's leaders who most understand the critical need for innovative researchers. Their exceptional support has made it possible for the SVS Foundation to award grants to ensure researchers have the resources they need to start and continue their research careers. Equally important, these contributors know vascular patients are the primary beneficiaries of the high-quality research conducted by vascular surgeons. The Foundation's Legacy Program includes those who have contributed a total of $10,000 or more to the SVS Foundation during their lifetime are honored in perpetuity for their commitment to the specialty. 

Founder’s Circle  ($500,000 - plus)

American College of Surgeons 
Anonymous Donor 
Joan L and Julius H Jacobson II
von Liebig Foundation

Chairman’s Circle  ($100,000 – $499,999)

Edwards Vascular Foundation
James DeBord, MD
Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society

President's Circle ($50,000 - $99,999)

Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery
Western Vascular Society

Director's Circle ($25,000 - $49,999)

George Andros, MD
Arthur I Auer, MD
Alexander W Clowes, MD
Michael C Dalsing, MD
Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 
   Massachusetts General Hospital, Richard Cambria, MD, Chief
Eastern Vascular Society
Nicholas D Garcia, MD
Vivienne J Halpern, MD
New England Society for Vascular Surgery
William H Pearce, MD 
Southern Association for Vascular Surgery
Daniel B Walsh, MD and Teri Walsh, RN

Benefactor's Circle ($10,000 - $24,999)

John Abele, MD
Ali AbuRahma, MD
K Ramesh Adiga, MD
Samuel S Ahn, MD
Dennis F Bandyk, MD
Robert C Batson, MD
B Timothy Baxter, MD
John J Bergen, MD
Victor M Bernhard, MD
Allan D. Callow, MD
Joseph E Carney, MD
Patrick G Clagett, MD
Jon R Cohen, MD
E Stanley Crawford, MD
Jack L Cronenwett, MD
Ronald L Dalman, MD
Herbert Dardik, MD
R Clement Darling, MD
Mark G Davies, MD, PhD
David Deakins, MD
Michael E DeBakey, MD
Dominic A DeLaurentis, MD
Ralph G DePalma, MD
James A DeWeese, MD
R Howard Dobbs, MD
Magruder C Donaldson, MD
William H Edwards, MD
Calvin B Ernst, MD
Rumi Faizer, MD
William R Flinn, MD
Julie Ann Freischlag, MD
Bruce L Gewertz, MD
Gary Giangloa, MD
Peter Gloviczki, MD
John F Golan, MD
Richard M Green, MD
Lazar J Greenfield, MD
Thomas J Greenfield, MD
Roger T Gregory, MD
John W Hallett, Jr, MD
Norman R Hertzer, MD
Robert W Hobson II, MD
Glenn C Hunter, MD
Anthony M Imparato, MD
Bengt L Ivarsson, MD
George Johnson, MD
Robert L Kistner, MD
Larry W Kraiss, MD
Marvin E Kuehner, MD
Robert P Leather, MD
Stephen E Lee, MD
Frank W LoGerfo, MD
Joseph G Magnant, MD
William T Maloney, MD
John A Mannick, MD
Rebecca Maron, CAE
Kenneth E McIntyre, Jr, MD
Joseph L Mills, Sr, MD
R Scott Mitchell, MD
Gregory L Moneta, MD
Wesley S Moore, MD
Robert W Oblath, MD
John L Ochsner, MD
Kenneth Ouriel, MD
C Keith Ozaki, MD
Malcolm Perry, MD
John J Ricotta, MD
Thomas S Riles, MD
Gary R Seabrook, MD
Alexander D Shepard, MD
Gregorio A Sicard, MD
Robert B Smith III, MD
Ronald J Stoney, MD
David S Sumner, MD
George T Sugiyama, MD
Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Society
Frank J Veith, MD
Fred Weaver, MD
Jock R Wheeler, MD
Anthony D Whittermore, MD
Samuel J Williams, MD
James S T Yao, MD, PhD
Robert M Zwolak, MD, PhD

 ​*If you note any omissions or corrections, please contact Jill Goodwin at or 312-334-2308. Early contributions to the Lifeline Foundation or the American Vascular Association® may not be reflected.

Updated August, 2015

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