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 2014 SVS Foundation Student Research Fellowship Awards

Lauren Banaszak
Cleveland Clinic
Sponsor: Matthew Eagleton, MD
Project title: Acute Type B Aortic Dissection: Morphological Predictors of Complications in Uncomplicated Patients

Cole Bowdino
University of Nebraska
Sponsor: Iraklis Pipinos, MD
Project title: Role of T Regulatory Cells in Aneurysm Formation

Claire Buser
University of Nebraska
Sponsor: Timothy Baxter, MD
Project title: Contribution of Genetic Variation to Aneurysm Formation

Shirui Chen
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Sponsor: Jean Panneton, MD
Project title: Developing and Validating an Anatomic Severity Grading Score to Predict Operative Outcomes for Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair of Aortic Dissection

Elise DeRoo
Boston Children's Hospital
Sponsor: Thomas Wakefield, MD
Project title: Characterizing the Role of Platelets, Neutrophils, and NETosis in Venous Thrombosis (VT)

Everardo Flores
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Sponsor: Neal Barshes, MD/Panos Kougias, MD
Project title: The Cost-Effectiveness of Toe Pressure Screening for Peripheral Arterial Disease Among Populations With Diabetes

Emily Nosova
University of California, San Fransisco
Sponsor: Marlene Grenon, MD
Project title: Evaluating the Association Between Endothelial Function and Arterial Resistance in Peripheral Arterial Disease

Ronak Patel
Syracuse VA Medical Center
Sponsor: Vivian Gahtan, MD
Project title: Mechanism of Acute Statin Treatment on TSP-1-Induced Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Migration

Noel Phan
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sponsor: Bo Lui, MD/K. Craig Kent, MD
Project title: Molecular Mechanism of Programmed Necrosis in Pathogenesis of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Vivek Prakash
Northwestern University
Sponsor: Melina Kibbe, MD
Project title: Development of a Novel Injectable Therapy to Stop Hemorrhage

Maylene Xie
University of Pittsburgh
Sponsor:  Ulka Sachdev, MD
Project title: The Role of TLR2 and Platelet Activation in Promoting Vessel Integrity During Angiogenesis

Caleb Zavitz
Toronto General Research Institute
Sponsor: Barry Rubin, MD
Project title: Live-Cell Characterization of Proliferating Macrophages in Atherosclerosis

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