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 Education Council

  • Cynthia Shortell, MD, Chair
  • Jean Bismuth, MD
  • Ruth Bush, MD
  • Dan Clair, MD
  • Michael Dalsing, MD
  • Mark Davies, MD
  • Ronald Fairman, MD
  • Linda Harris, MD
  • Sean Lyden, MD
  • Jon Matsumura, MD
  • Erica Mitchell, MD
  • Bruce Perler, MD
  • John Rectenwald, MD
  • Murray Shames, MD
  • Malachi Sheahan, MD
  • Julie Chan, Staff Liaison

Scope of Work

  • Oversee SVS programs for continuing education for practicing vascular surgeons
  • Serve as CME committee for SVS, ensuring that SVS incorporates into CME activities the educational needs that underlie professional practice gaps of learners; oversees COI for the course director/editor of CME activities as needed. 
  • Identify new educational initiatives based on evaluation of needs
  • Annually review education sections of VascularWeb and advise staff on content
  • Annually conduct a review of the SVS CME Program in which the year’s CME activities are evaluated and action plans are formulated
  • Facilitate activities of the reporting committees to enhance coordination


  • Oversee the SVS CME program for 2013-2014.
  • Work with staff to identify needs (content) for online learning.
  • Review CME planning documents to ensure practice gaps are clearly identified and in concert with the CME program plan
  • Serve as the final reviewer as needed of COI disclosures for CME activities, to ensure that all conflicts are identified and resolved prior the activity. 
  • Review and revise CME Mission Statement as needed (ongoing).
  • Strengthen role as VAM oversight body.
  • Provide recommendation on technical skills training based on member needs data.
  • Evaluate Education Council infrastructure to ensure that education initiatives are accomplished (ongoing).
  • Oversee the planning of the CME tracking system.

Reporting Committees

  • Leadership Development Committee
  • Postgraduate Education Committee
  • Program Committee
  • Resident & Student Outreach Committee

Updated August 2013

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