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 Volunteer Roster For Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Through 2012

Ali Amin, MD from Reading, PA
Marvin Atkins, MD from Temple, TX
Robert Atnip, MD from Hershey, PA
Vincent J. Bertin, MD from Cleveland, OH
Christian Bianchi, MD from Loma Linda, CA
John Blebea, MD from Cleveland, OH
William Todd Bohannon, MD from Temple, TX
Clifford J. Buckley, MD from Temple, TX
Ruth L. Bush, MD, MPH from Temple, TX
James T Callis, MD from Roanoke, VA
Joaquim Cerveira, MD from Panorama City, CA
Carlos Chavez, MD from Brownsville, TX
Ken Cherry, MD from Charlottesville, VA
Phil Church, MD from Austin, TX
Rocco G. Ciocca, MD from Boston, MA
Anthony Comerota, MD from Toledo, OH
James (Jay) Cook, MD from Everett, WA
Shelby S. Cooper, MD from Cooperstown, NY
David C. Corry, MD from Colorado Springs, CO
David V. Cossman, MD from Los Angeles, CA
Michael Costanza, MD from Syracuse, NY
Enrique Criado, MD from Ann Arbor, MI
Christopher Cunningham, MD from Florence, SC
Alexandre C. d'Audiffret, MD from Morgantown, WV
Marcus D'Ayala, MD from Brooklyn, NY
Carlo Dall'Olmo, MD from Flint, MI
David L. Dawson, MD from Sacramento, CA
James Dennis, MD from Jacksonville, FL
Patrick Dietz, MD from Cooperstown, NY
John Eidt, MD from Greenville, SC
David Esposito, MD from Milford, CT
Ronald M. Fairman, MD from Philadelphia, PA
Richard Faro, MD from Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Scott Fecteau, MD from Hartford, CT
Robert W. Feldtman, MD from Dallas, TX
Patricia C. Furey, MD from Manchester, NH
Stephen Gale, MD from Toledo, OH
Nicholas D. Garcia, MD from Exeter, NH
Jonathan D. Gates, MD from Boston, MA
Patrick Geraghty, MD from St. Louis, MO
Sachinder S. Hans, MD from Warren, MI
Paul B. Haser, MD from New Brunswick, NJ
Tom Huber, MD from Gainesville, FL
 John Hutto, MD from Green Bay, WI
Glenn Jacobowitz, MD from New York, NY
Frederic Jarrett, MD from Pittsburgh, PA
​Hermann Kaebnick, MD from Louisville, KY
Andres Katz, MD from Dallas, TX
Michael Kikta, MD from Rockford, IL
Thomas Klamer, MD from Louisville, KY
Charles H. Klieman, MD from Whittier, CA
George S. Lavenson, Jr., MD, RVT, COL (Ret.) from Lahaina, HI 
James W. McNeil, MD from Baton Rouge, LA
Virginia Newman, MD from Chesteron, IN
Kevin Nolan, MD from Southfield, MI
William Oppat, MD from Novi, MI
Virendra Patel, MD from Boston, MA
Donald E. Patterson, MD from Indianapolis, IN
William H. Pearce, MD from Chicago, IL
Dan Pepper, MD from Bellevue, WA
William Pevec, MD from Sacramento, CA
Joseph Raffetto, MD from Brighton, MA
Fuad M. Ramadan, MD from Melbourne, FL
Manuel Ramirez, MD from Augusta, GA
John E. Rectenwald, MD from Ann Arbor, MI
James Richardson, Jr. , MD from Columbia, TN
Adnan Z. Rizvi, MD from Minneapolis, MN
Andrew Roberts, MD from Philadelphia, PA
D. Michael Rogers, MD from Rome, GA
Steve Ruby, MD from Hartford, CT
Daniel S. Rush, MD from Johnson City, TN
Joseph Schneider, MD from Winfield, IL
John Schwartz, MD from Medford, OR
Scott A. Seidel, MD from Austin, TX
Stephen Self, MD from Louisville, KY
Frank Sharp, MD from Brick, NJ
Robert Shinnerl, MD from Newburgh, IN
Michael B. Silva, Jr., MD from Galveston, TX
Tej Singh, MD from Mountain View, CA
Ehab Sorial, MD from Lexington, KY
Yaron Sternbach, MD from Albany, NY
David Street, MD from Medford, OR
Eugene Sullivan, MD from Hartford, CT
Theodore R. Sullivan, Jr., MD from Abington, PA
Pinkus Szuchmacher, MD  from Forest Hills, NY
Wang Teng, MD from Laguna Hills, CA
Theodore H. Teruya, MD from Loma Linda, CA
R. Bradley Thomason, III, MD from WInston-Salem, NC
Edmund Tortolani, MD from Colombia, MD
Ageliki G. (Angela) Vouyouka, MD from New York, NY
Michael S. Weingarten, MD from Penn Valley, PA
Kurt Wengerter, MD from Englewood, NJ
Ralph Whalen, MD from Toledo, OH
Seth Wolk, MD from Albuquerque, NM
Andrea Yancey, MD from Louisville, KY
Posted January 2013

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