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Roger N Baird, MD

Panagiotis E Balas, MD

Jonathan David Beard, MD

Jean-Pierre Becquemin, MD

Peter Bell, MD​

Patrice Bergeron, MD 

David Bergqvist, MD 

Giorgio Biasi, MD

Jan Blankensteijn, MD

Alain Branchereau, MD

Norman L Browse, MD

Jan Brunkwall, MD

Kevin G Burnand, MD

Jacob Buth, MD

Piergiorgio Cao, MD

Stephen Cheng, MD

H H Eastcott, MD

Bert C. Eikelboom, MD

J. Fernandes e Fernandes, MD

Paolo Fiorani, MD

Gustav Fraedrich, MD

Anthony Giddings, MD

Olivier Goeau-Brissonniere,MD

Roger M Greenhalgh, MD

Jorg D.Gruss, MD 

George Hamilton, MD 

John P. Harris, MD 

Michael Horrocks, MD

Kiyoshi Inokuchi, MD

Edouard Kieffer, MD 

Geun Eun B. Kim, MD 

Georg Kretschmer, MD 

Christos D. Liapis, MD 

Henning Loeprecht, MD

Reginald Lord, MD 

Averil Mansfield, MD 

Peter C. Maurer, MD

James May, MD 

Frans L. Moll, MD

Henner Mueller-Wiefel, MD

Nobuyuki Nakajima, MD 

Andrew N. Nicolaides, MD 

William P. Paaske, MD 

Juan C. Parodi, MD 

Anatoly Pokrovsky, MD

​​Calogero Presti, MD, PhD 

Dieter Raithel, MD 

Jean-Batiste Ricco, MD

Wilhelm Sandmann, MD​

Carlo Setacci, MD 

Gregor D. Shanik, MD

Geoffrey Slaney, MD 

Brian L. Thiele, MD

G Douglas Tracy, MD 

Hero Van Urk, MD

L Leonel Villavicencio, MD

​Shenming Wang, MD 

Zhongao Wang, MD

Sepp Weimann, MD 

Geoffrey H. White, MD 

John H.N. Wolfe, MD


Posted June 2013

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