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 SVS History 1946 - 1996

The following publications provide information on the history of SVS. 
  1. Yao JST.  Society for Vascular Surgery—The beginning.  J Vasc Surg 2010;51:776-779
  2. Shumacker HB Jr.  The Society for Vascular Surgery—A history: 1945-1983.  Chicago: The Society for Vascular Surgery, 1984
  3. Journal of Vascular Surgery 1996;23(6):957-1157. Special issue commemorating the 50th anniversary (1946-1996) of SVS, edited by Calvin B. Ernst and James S.T. Yao. In addition to the history of SVS, this special issue provides historical information on recent activities of the Society, including accreditation of vascular training programs and certification of vascular surgeons; research and emergence of the Lifeline Foundation, the Research Initiatives meeting, and the National Institutes of Health; the Journal of Vascular Surgery; and the development of the Crawford Critical Issues Forum and the E.J. Wylie Traveling Fellowship. The issue ended with a section of photo memoirs to bring back fond memories of the Society. 
  4. Lilly GD.  The first ten years of the Society for Vascular Surgery.  Surgery 1957;41:1-5
  5. Thompson JE.  The founding fathers.  Surgery 1977;82:801-808
  6. Pearce, WH, Mannick JA, Clowes AW and Yao JST.  Twentieth anniversary of American Vascular Association/Lifeline Foundation: A celebration.  J Vasc Surg 2008;47:1351-1355
Posted September 2011

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