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The vascular surgery specialty has been blessed with outstanding innovators who are responsible for the advancements the field has experienced throughout the years. SVS leadership formed a History Project Work Group with James S.T. Yao, MD, chair; William Baker, MD, Calvin Ernst, MD, Consultant; Mark Eskandari, MD, Roger Gregory, MD; Melina Kibbe, MD; Peter Lawrence, MD; William Pearce, MD; Walter McCarthy, MD; and Norman Rich, MD. The group will convert previous historical interviews and develop a new series of interviews with leaders in vascular surgery for VascularWeb and DVD format. More interviews will be posted as they are taped.

The interviews are posted here to view and download to your own computer. Right click on "Save Target As" to download. It will take a several minutes to download each segment because of the large size of the files.

Complete Library Coming Soon

Dr. DeBakey

Interview with Dr. DeBakey; "Rudolph Matas: How I Remember Him". An interview with Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, MD conducted by Roger T. Gregory, MD.

Download Part 1  Download Part 2​​

Dr. Denton A. Cooley

Interview with Dr. Cooley; An interview with Denton A. Cooley, MD conducted by Roger T. Gregory, MD. 

Download Part 1  Download Part 2  Download Part 3  Download Part 4  Download Part 5

Dr. John Ochsner

Interview with Dr. Ochsner​; "Giants in Vascular surgery-Childhood  Memories". An interview with John Ochsner. 

Download Part 1  Download Part 2  Download Part 3  Download Part 4​ 

Dr. Frank J. Veith

Interview with Dr. Frank Veith; "The Origin of a Species and Future of a Specialty". The interview was conducted by Roger Gregory.

Download Part 1  Download Part 2  Download Part 3  Download Part 4  Download Part 5  Download Part 6


Drs. Harry B. Schumacker, Jr. and Michael DeBakey DVD Interviews Available

In 1996, the SVS 50th anniversary, Drs. Harry B. Shumacker, Jr. and Michael DeBakey were the two surviving members of the 31 founders. Drs. DeBakey and Shumacker were interviewed about their historical recollections. The interviews were conducted by Calvin Ernst with Dr. Shumacker and by William Blaisdell with Dr. DeBakey. Dr. DeBakey passed away July 11, 2008 and Dr. Shumacker on Novembr 14, 2009. Interviews from Drs. Michael Debakey and Harry Shumacker are available on DVDs free-of-charge to SVS members. Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL, provided the original interview to SVS. To obtain a copy, email
Updated February 2012

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