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 PAC Success Stories

PAC Success Stories​

David Deaton, MD, SVS PAC Chair​

The SVS  PAC has been a catalyst for positive provisions in the health care reform law including no additional cuts to imaging and removal of barriers to AAA screening such as co-pays, at least a freeze on Medicare physician payments for the last eight years vs. cuts and being “at the table” for Medicare physician payment reform. 

We owe it to our patients to protect and advocate for the resources that will often determine whether they live or die, lose or keep a limb, suffer a stroke, or continue to live a happy and normal life. With the Supreme Court decision on health care reform, there is much more to be done.

While all member contributions are important to our success, I particularly want to acknowledge the following vascular surgery groups where all vascular surgeons contribute:  Albany Vascular Group. Michigan Vascular Center, New York University Vascular Associates, and The Cardiovascular Care Group. I am also encouraged that the entire SVS Board of Directors has contributed to the PAC in the past year. 


Peter Gloviczki, MD, SVS Immediate Past President​

To be effective, it is critical that SVS be front and center at events with members of Congress to educate those making decisions. During 2012 and 2013, SVS members and/or staff have attended 74 events.  Most notably:
  • SVS PAC Chair David Deaton, MD attended a National Republican Congressional Committee event with House physician members and another event with Rep. Phil Gingrey, MD (R-GA)
  • Former SVS PAC Chair Carlo Dall’Olmo, MD and Krishna Jain, MD hosted an event for House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) in his district.
  • SVS staff hosted an event for SAAAVE Act sponsor Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) 
SVS is the leader in vascular health care, and we must continue to position ourselves that way. Your PAC contributions make it possible for SVS to attend important events with influential members of Congress to discuss our patients and their health. It is at those events where legislators start to understand the importance of quality vascular health care. These meetings provide a point of reference when they make important decisions. I urge you to contribute to the SVS PAC and encourage others in your practice to donate. If your contribution is $1,000 or more, the SVS PAC is pleased to offer you a complimentary new SVS logo tie or scarf.  


Carlo A. Dall’Olmo, MD  The Michigan Vascular Center, The Flint Group

The Affordable Care Act is but one example of the unknowns confronting us. Many of its final rules have yet to be formalized, and that process will require a considerable input from SVS. Another problem is that neither budget proposal recently presented for adoption by the Democrats or the Republicans has a doc fix for the flawed Sustainable Growth Rate. Both parties expect us to graciously accept future reimbursement cuts while keeping our doors open – a financial impossibility for us, whether employed or in private practice.

All groups, whether employed or in private practice, need to join the SVS PAC 100 Percent Club. We all have much at stake. Let’s all do our share.
Updated August 2013

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