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Thomas S. Riles, M.D.

I. Anatomy and Physiology

1. To understand the basic anatomy of the autonomic nervous system including the course of sympathetic fibers through the spinal cord, the location of the sympathetic ganglia an the course of the post synaptic fibers.

2. To understand the relationship between the sympathetic fibers and the abdominal aorta and iliac vessels.

3. To understand the functions of the sympathetic nervous system and the pathologic conditions resulting from abnormal sympathetic activity.

4. To understand the potential beneficial effects of sympathetic ablation and possible adverse side effects.

II. Diagnostic Tests to Evaluate Sympathetic Function

1. To understand the basis of various tests to assess sympathetic activity.

2. To be aware of the limitations of the diagnostic tests used to assess sympathetic activity.

III. Clinical Uses of Sympathectomy

1. To understand the historic and current role of sympathectomy for arterial occlusive disease.

2. To understand the probable outcome when sympathectomy is used for ischemic ulcers, gangrene, rest pain, and the differences in clinical response for diabetes and non-diabetes.

3. To be aware of the role of sympathectomy for Buerger's disease, embolic disease, Raynaud's phenomenon, causalgia and post traumatic rest pain, and hyperhidrosis .

IV. Surgical Technique

1. To be aware of the technique for surgical ablation of the lumbar sympathetic chain as well as the technique for chemical ablation.

2. To be aware of the surgical technique for thoracodorsal sympathectomy .

3. To understand the potential complications from lumbar and thoracoabdominal sympathectomies and how to reduce the risk of complication.


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Posted June 2010