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Spring Meeting/Annual Business Meeting Agenda

Saturday, March 23, 2013
Hotel Intercontinental Chicago O'Hare,
Guggenheim 1/2 Room
Rosemont, IL


7:30am                Continental Breakfast

8:00 am – Noon   APDVS Business Meeting
                            Presiding: Michael C. Dalsing, MD, President, 
8:00 am                Greetings
                             Michael C. Dalsing, MD

8:05 am                ABS Update 
                             Robert S. Rhodes, MD, American Board of 
                             Surgery, Philadelphia, PA

1. Report of the 2012 VS QE
2. Timing of the Future MCQ Examination
3. CE Expectations of Integrated Program Graduates
4. Integrated Core Surgery Experience
5. Procedural Experience of Applicants to the 2012 MCQ Examination
     a. Integrated vs. Independent Program Experience
6. Research in Independent Programs
7. Canadian Vascular Surgery Graduate Admissibility
8. Other ABS Specific Issues Influencing the APDVS
    a. 7 year Limit for Initial Certification

8:25 am                 VBS HOT TOPICS FOR APDVS
                              John Eidt, MD

1. Report of the 2012 SPE
2. Discussion of Role of SPE
3. Milestones/Potentials/Request of APDVS
4. Status of V-CORE
5. Link SCORE to V-CORE Topics for Improved Candidate Preparation
6. Status of V-SCORE and Request of APDVS Members

8:45 am                 ACGME Update
                             Peggy Simpson, EdD, Accreditation Council for 
                             Graduate Medical Education, Chicago, IL

9:05 am                 ARDMS Update
                             David L. Dawson, MD 
9:20 am                Summary of the 2013 Student Match  
                             Michel Makaroun, MD
                             Michael C. Dalsing, MD
1. Clarification of Chief Resident Designation and Impact on Rotations
2. Combined Vascular/Cardiac Training Paradigm
a. An Avenue We Might Pursue – Aortic Fellowship
3. VSITE Consultant RFA 
4. Clarification of APDVS Endorsement of Meetings
5. Clarification of APDVS Endorsement of Manuscripts/Abstracts
6. Residency Fair at SVS – Funded by SVS
9:50 am                 Break
10:10 am               President’s Report 
                             Michael C. Dalsing, MD 

10:20 am               Secretary/Treasurer’s Report   
                              Amy Reed, MD

1. Approval of March 31, 2012 Minutes
2. Financial Report

10:30 am                Program Committee Report   
                              Linda Harris, MD

1. VS3/Spring Meeting
2. 2014 Spring Meeting 

10:40 am                Education Committee Report   
                              Erica Mitchell, MD

1. Skills and Simulation Modules
2. Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum Project
3. Milestones Update

11:10 am                Nominating Committee Report 
                               Michel Makaroun, MD

11:40 am                Old/New Business/Further Discussion 
                               Michael C. Dalsing, MD  

11:50 am                Committee Appointments   
                               Michael C. Dalsing, MD 

1. Resident Appointments for 2013
2. Member Appointments for 2013
Noon                       Adjourn