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 Letter to AVSC

Dear Program Director:

Vascular coordinators are facing mounting challenges as programs offer additional training tracks and the requirements of managing a training program continue to expand. There are now 21 Integrated Vascular Surgery Residency Programs, and more are on the horizon. Integrated programs add additional complexities in coordination and management, above and beyond those associated with traditional 5-2 programs; separate interview seasons and rotation schedules are just two of these complexities. Many vascular coordinators struggle to acquire the detailed knowledge needed to help make the training programs a success.

The APDVS strongly encourages and fully supports the efforts of vascular surgery coordinators to form an association and begin holding annual conferences for training and networking. Julie Gulley, Vascular Surgery coordinator from the University of Cincinnati, has volunteered, begun the organization for Association of Vascular Surgery Coordinators (AVSC), and developed the initial meeting program. The AVSC will hold its inaugural meeting at the upcoming APDVS meeting in Chicago, April 16-17, 2010.

The executive committee of the APDVS asks that Vascular Surgery program directors allow and encourage coordinators to join the AVSC and to attend this important inaugural meeting in April. Coordinators will be required to complete a membership application. At the inaugural meeting, we also will look to the organization to elect officers for the upcoming year.

Topics of the meeting will include:

  1. Site visit/Internal review preparation
  2. Rolling calendar for vascular coordinators
  3. Making Sense of 0/5, 4/2, 3/3, 5/2
  4. Dealing with the problem resident
  5. Surgical Principles Exam
  6. Networking session for interacting with colleagues to exchange ideas and information

Institutional investment in this and similar conferences will provide a payoff for all training programs in terms of decreasing the burden on Program Directors and DIOs, ensuring more accurate and complete PIFs, and increasing the ratings on the program’s site visits – all with the intent to raise the quality of graduate medical education in Vascular Surgery training programs throughout the country.

Best regards,

Joseph L. Mills, MD
President, APDVS

Posted June 2010