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2013 Vascular Surgery Simulation Summit (VS3)
Friday, March 22, 2013
Hotel Intercontinental – O’Hare
Rosemont, IL
The purpose of the program is to specifically address simulation training for all vascular surgery trainees in the U.S. This is the first time in the history of the APDVS that all program directors in Vascular Surgery will convene to discuss the status of simulation training in vascular surgery and plans for future development in this area of residency training. The program committee for this meeting has invited several national and international leaders in simulation training to speak at this event.

Goals and Objectives
1. Assess the national status of vascular surgical skills and simulation training
2. Evaluate quantitative methods in simulation technologies
3. Evaluate all currently available vascular surgical simulation technologies (surgical skills models and simulation training devices)
4. Discuss implementation of a national surgical skills and simulation training curriculum
5. Develop a collective multicenter vascular surgery surgical skills and simulation  research consortium to advance and shorten the time required for proper validation of vascular surgery surgical skills and simulation training curricula
6. Provide a forum for vascular simulation scientific presentations

8:00am-9:50am      Registration/Continental Breakfast/Visit
                               Vendor Exhibits
9:50am-10:00am    Welcome and Introduction 
                               (Guggenheim 1/2 Room)
                               Michael Dalsing, MD, Indiana University,
                               Indianapolis, IN (APDVS President) 
                               Linda Harris, MD, Buffalo General Medical 
                               Center, Buffalo, NY (APDVS President-
                               Elect), Erica Mitchell, MD, Oregon Health 
                               & Science University, Portland, OR (APDVS
                               Education Committee Chair), and John
                               Eidt, MD, University of South Carolina
                               School of Medicine, Greenville, SC
Session 1: Theory and Benefit of Simulation Training
Moderators: Peter Lawrence, MD, UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA and Erica Mitchell, MD, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR

10:00am-10:20am   Origin of Simulation in Surgery
                                James McGreevy, MD, University of Utah, 
                                Salt Lake City, UT 

10:20am-10:40am   Simulation Training and Transferability to
                                the OR. Does it Really Work? Does
                                Vascular Surgery Need to Repeat the 
                                Wheel of Validation?
                                Neal Seymour, MD, Baystate Medical 
                                Center, Springfield, MA

10:40am-11:00am   Surgical Skills and Simulation Training-
                                The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
                                Debra DaRosa, PhD, Northwestern
                                University Feinberg School of Medicine,
                                Chicago, IL

11:00am-11:20am   Non-technical Skills Training and 
                                Assessment: What’s Important?  
                                Nick Sevdalis PhD, Imperial College
                                London, London, UK

11:20am-11:40am   Panel Discussion
                                Trainees: Jonathan Bath, MD, UPMC, 
                                Pittsburgh, PA (fellow), Jesus Matos, MD, 
                                Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
                                (fellow), and Brigitte Smith, MD, 
                                University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (0+5)

11:40am-12:20pm Box Lunch/Visit Vendor Exhibits 
Session 2: Current Vascular Surgery Surgical Skills and Simulation Training Experience
Moderators: Andres Schanzer, MD, UMass Medical Center, Worcester, MA and John Rectenwald, MD, University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, MI
12:20pm-12:25pm  Review of APDVS Simulation Surveys
                                Erica Mitchell, MD, Oregon Health &
                                Science University, Portland, OR

12:25pm-12:31pm  David Dawson, MD, UC Davis Vascular
                               Center, Sacramento, CA
12:31pm-12:37pm   Jeff Indes, MD, Yale University, New
                                Haven, CT
12:37pm-12:43pm  Murray Shames, MD, University of South
                               Florida, Tampa, FL
12:43pm-12:49pm   Jason Lee, MD, Stanford University,
                                Stanford,  CA
12:49pm-12:55pm   Jean Bismuth, MD, Methodist Hospital,
                                Houston, TX
12:55pm-1:01pm    Christopher Carsten, MD, Greenville
                                Hospital System, Greenville, SC
1:01pm-1:07pm      Michael Freeman, MD, UT Knoxville,
                               Knoxville, TN
1:07pm-1:13pm      Mark Mattos, MD, Wayne State University,
                               Detroit, MI
1:13pm-1:28pm      Panel Discussion
                               Trainees: Stefano Bordoli, MD, Greenville
                               Hospital System, Greenville, SC (fellow),
                               Sapan Desai, MD, PhD, University of Texas-
                               Houston, Houston, TX (fellow), and Misaki
                               Kiguchi, MD, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA (0+5)

Session 3: Curriculum Design and Development; Assessment Instruments and Metrics
Moderators: Mark Davies, MD, Methodist  Hospital, Houston, TX and Ashraf Mansour, MD, Grand Rapids Medical Education, Grand Rapids, MI
1:28pm-1:34pm      William Robinson, MD, UMass Medical  
                               Center, Worcester, MA
1:34pm-1:40pm      Malachi Sheahan, MD, LSU, New Orleans,
1:40pm-1:46pm      Gary Lemmon MD, Indiana University,
                                Indianapolis, IN
1:46pm-1:52pm      Eva Rzucidlo, MD, Dartmouth Hitchcock 
                               Medical Center, Lebanon, NH
1:52pm-1:58pm     David Gillespie, MD, University of
                               Rochester, Rochester, NY
1:58pm-2:04pm      Mark Mattos, MD, Wayne State University,
                               Detroit, MI
2:04pm-2:20pm      Panel Discussion
                               Trainees: Misaki Kiguchi, MD, UPMC,
                               Pittsburgh, PA (0+5), Jesus Matos, MD,
                               Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
                               (fellow), and Moqueet Qureshi, MD,
                               Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH (0+5)
2:20pm-3:00pm      Coffee Break/Visit Vendor Exhibits
Session 4: Abstract Session - What’s New in Vascular Surgical Education and Simulation Research? How Is Industry Involved?
Moderators: Rabih Chaer, MD, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA and Audra Duncan, MD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 
3:00pm-3:08pm      Validity and Utility of Device Specific
                                Virtual Simulation, Cassidy Duran, MD,
                                The MethodistDebakey Heart & Vascular
                                Center, Houston, TX
3:08pm-3:16pm       Patient Modeled EVAR Simulation - The
                                Next Step in EVAR Training?, Gavin
                                Davis, MD, University of South Florida,
                                Tampa, FL
3:16pm-3:24pm       A Low Cost, Effective Model for Teaching
                                Open Vascular Surgery Techniques in the
                                Lower Leg, Judith Wood Cook MD, Penn
                                State Hershey Heart and Vascular
                                Institute, Hershey, PA
3:24pm-3:32pm       Integrated Vascular Training Programs:
                                The Beginning of the End for Traditional
                                Vascular Surgery Training?, Edward
                                McGillicuddy, MD, Yale University School
                                of Medicine, New Haven, CT
3:32pm-3:40pm      Curriculum Development in Integrated
                               Vascular Surgery Programs: The Program
                               Directors' Perspective, Brigitte K. Smith,
                               MD, University of Wisconsin Hospital &
                               Clinics, Madison, WI
3:40pm-3:48pm      The Military Integrated Vascular Surgery
                                Residency: The Paradigm of Multi
                                institutional Partnership, W. Darrin
                                Clouse, MD, Northern California Federal
                                Vascular Surgery Service (David Grant
                                USAF Medical Center/VA Northern
                                California Health Care System) and the
                                University of California, Davis, Davis, CA

3:48pm-3:53pm      Atrium Medical Corporation, Hudson, NH
3:53pm-3:58pm      Cook Medical, Bloomington, IN
3:58pm-4:03pm      Gore & Associates, Inc., Flagstaff, AZ 
4:03pm-4:08pm      Medtronic Cardiovascular, Santa Rosa,

4:08pm-4:28pm      Panel Discussion
                               Trainees: Sapan Desai, MD, PhD, University
                               of Texas-Houston, Houston, TX (fellow),
                               Jesus Matos, MD, Baylor College of
                               Medicine, Houston, TX (fellow), and
                               Moqueet Qureshi, MD, Cleveland Clinic,
                               Cleveland, OH (0+5)
4:28pm-4:50pm      Coffee Break/Visit Vendors Exhibits  
Session 5: Lessons Learned from General Surgery and Where Do We Go From Here?
Moderators: Michael Dalsing, MD, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN and Linda Harris, MD, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
4:50pm-5:05pm      The Importance of a Surgical Skills Lab in
                               Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD, PhD,
                               Carolinas Health Care, Charlotte, NC
5:05pm-5:12pm      APDVS Surgical Skills and Simulation
                               Curriculum Development Project
                               Erica Mitchell, MD, Oregon Health &
                               Science University, Portland, OR
5:12pm-5:32pm      Developing Core Skills Skills Assessment 
                               Brian Dunkin, MD, Methodist Institute for
                               Technology, Innovation and Education,
                               Houston, TX
5:32pm-5:39pm      Fundamentals of Vascular and 
                               Endovascular Surgery Project
                               Jean Bismuth, MD, Methodist Hospital
                               Houston, TX, and John Eidt, MD, University
                               of South Carolina School of Medicine,
                               Greenville, SC
5:39pm-5:54pm      Panel Discussion
                               Trainees: Jonathan Bath, MD, UPMC,
                               Pittsburgh, PA (fellow), Stefano Bordoli,
                               MD, Greenville Hospital System, 
                               Greenville, SC, (fellow), and Brigitte Smith,
                               MD, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
5:54pm-6:00pm      Closing Remarks/Next Steps
                               Michael Dalsing, MD, University of Indiana,
                               Indianapolis, IN (President APDVS)

6:00pm-7:00pm      Reception  (Guggenheim 3 Room)
*Schedule subject to change.